wooden at pav 6Welcome to the Wooden Box Band’s website. We’re a funky folky eclectic unrelated family of musicians from all walks of life who enjoy writing and playing urban folk music around Wellington and environs beyond.

Usually we come in a group of half a dozen, just like bread rolls. We have singer songwriter Jessie Moss (late of Jessie James and the Outlaws) on vocals and guitar. Alongside is Emily Clemmet from the Balkanistas, Cumbrio Bros and other bands on trumpet, fiddle and singin’ and writing.

Also making a noise is Paddy Burgin who strums and picks a cedar topped jumbo guitar, blows strange harmonica notes and plays slide guitar too. He also sings, sometimes his own songs and sometimes other peoples’.

Anchorman is Murray Costello on bass who used to do this job in the Mockers and a hundred bands since then. Lead guitar duties are taken by Jeremy Desmond who sandwiches the band in with Newtown Rocksteady committments and a growing family.

The drumming stool is shared between the ever busy Olivia Campion and Thomas Friggens. (obviously there’s a shortage of drummers in Wellington)

We play around the city, at various bars, cafes, festivals, open air markets, and combine our original material with a selection of covers. We’ll be in the studio in March for a bout of recording.

Here’s a sample of our work from the past year…  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZFf-T4zZkk

We’re on soundcloud under Paddy Burgin. Also You Tube if you put in our name.



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